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Company was founded in 2010, founder of Mr Yong-ming gao technical advisory services in the textile industry in the United States after 13 years in Australia with the recommendation of a PEGASUS tianma company founder Mr Yang Zeming nearly five years for a long time to develop the car ran the whole design and cooperation throughout the aircraft project detection, Shanghai Cheng Si intelligent Technology co., LTD. Has the Sincerity Smart Technology Inc authorization as subsidiary company since its establishment has been working on textile color fastness, scratches, air permeability, abrasion, burning, perspiration, physical properties, water repellency, waterproof, Leather, etc. Test standard promotion, including test instrument, test consumables, and professional test standard, test method manual. Main business products include: color and color evaluation test instrument, microscopic and legal inspection, mattress, carpet, toy tester testing instruments, humidity, soil temperature and humidity measurement & control system accessories, textile and clothing, non-woven geotextile and tester, gas permeability tester, one-way wear-resisting, leather and shoe material tester, filtering material thickness gauge, transportation tester, high weather resistance and aging tester, accelerated aging test system, oven, environmental equipment, light industry and packaging materials tester, electronic measuring instrument, optical spectra and other tester.






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Shanghai chengsi intelligent technology co., LTD. Has established technical, research and development, production and assembly, marketing and after-sales service departments in Shanghai. With a registered company in mainland China, all the instruments produced and sold by cheng si are strictly tested and calibrated when leaving the factory, thus ensuring that each product conforms to the mainstream international standards, such as the us standard, Japanese standard and national standard. Moreover, each product is accompanied by a certificate of conformity with the parent company's dissocismart Technology Inc


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We are committed to provide the overall solution of the laboratory in the field of material testing, and enjoy the convenient, fast and high-quality after-sales service for the quality testing machines and enterprises when they buy our instruments, so as to relieve your worries about the industry and scientific research institutions to provide test instruments and equipment.


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